The Man behind the LJ Companies - Lionel J De Souza
Lionel Jerome De Souza, Managing Director and Founder of LJ Investigation & Consultancy Services Pte Ltd and LJ Security Services Pte Ltd, had a long and distinguished career in the Singapore Police Force. For his fine investigative skills, he has been decorated numerous times for his dedication to the country and his commitment to the enforcement of law.

Throughout his law enforcement career, Lionel served as a national crime watchdog. In the Singapore Police Force, serving in various Police Division Crime Branches, the Special Investigation Section (Homicide) and the Commercial Crime Division of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), he was awarded 28 Commendation Certificates and Commissioner of Police Testimonials, including the Malaysian and Singapore Defence Medals. In 1965, Lionel was also accorded a Certificate of Appreciation from the United States Secret Services with the citation: "In grateful recognition for superior contributions to the law enforcement responsibilities of the United States Secret Service" for the part he played in smashing an international syndicate involved in counterfeiting and trafficking of counterfeit US currency notes and the successful apprehension of the syndicate members.

Lionel achieved national recognition in 1971 when he played a pivotal role in the expeditious solution of the infamous "Gold Bars Triple Murder" case.

After his retirement from the Singapore Police Force in February 1988, Lionel was employed in various managerial roles in the security industry before he set up his own companies. He was Chief Investigator in a Private Investigation Agency, Security Controller of Security in a multi-national computer chip company and the Senior Security Manager at The Oriental, Singapore, a five-star hotel under the umbrella of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Limited (MOGH). He was also MOGH's security expert overseeing all facets of security and investigation of hotels managed or operated by MOGH in Hong Kong, Jakarta / Surabaya, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Throughout this four-year tenure, Lionel received 4 Commendation Certificates from the Singapore Hotel Association in conjunction with the Singapore Police Force, one for bravery and three for outstanding performance in the field of hotel security, safety and investigation.

Lionel’s professional ethics, skilful investigation, outstanding detective ability, diligence, initiative and devotion to duty continues to this day in the pivotal role that he plays in LJ Investigation & Consultancy Services Pte Ltd and LJ Security Services Pte Ltd, especially in managing and training his personnel to measure up to the sterling standards that he has always maintained for himself.

Lionel's Awards